The Power Supply Industry – Best Practice Manual for Power Generation and Transport, Economics and Trade

The Power Supply Industry

Best Practice Manual for Power Generation and Transport, Economics and Trade

Cover and Contents

Background and Objective
The aim of the power and energy Industry is to provide a secure, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and climate-sustainable energy supply at a favorable and affordable cost. To attain this objective, the book investigates the entire chain of energy use, starting from rational exploitation of resources, through energy efficient conversion and distribution up to the end-user in terms of best available technologies and cost effectiveness.

This book provides a comprehensive techno-economic knowledge and expertise at a depth and length that is sufficient, especially for the initial phases of complex energy sector projects, while avoiding details of voluminous reference texts as needed by experts in specific fields. The book covers the technologies and their economics for power generation, transmission and distribution starting from the initiation and development phase up to construction and commissioning of power system projects. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on transfer of practical know-how rather than a pure theoretical knowledge. This is also demonstrated in numerous examples derived from experience of respective projects.

Target Audience
Target groups of the book are primarily consultants, staff members of engineering companies, utility personnel, energy economists and lawyers, as well as employees of government agencies entrusted with regulating the energy and utility sector and, finally, students in related fields of engineering and economics.

Book Purchasing:
The book can be ordered as hard cover at publishing house Springer, at bookshops or in internet shops
ISBN: 978-3-319-72304-4
Title: The Power Supply Industry – Best Practice Manual for Power Generation and Transport, Economics and Trade
Authors: Panos Konstantin, Margarete Konstantin
Published March 2018

An extract of the book’s content is available here.

Example downloads: Examples from the book are indispensable to understand the content. Most of the examples are calculated with MS-Excel and are inserted as pictures into the text. The following downloads provide the possibility to reconstruct the calculations.

By click on the according chapter the reader can navigate through the single chapters:

  • Case Study 1 – Rankine Cycle (in T-s-Diagram) calculated with FluidEXL (CS1)
  • Case Study 2 – Simulation simple Rankine Cycle (CS2)
  • Case Study 3 – Demo – Rankine Cycle Development (CS3)
  • Case Study 4 – Integrated Model – techno-economics Fosil-PPs (CS4)
  • Case Study 5 – Integrated Model – techno-economics Nuclear-PPs (CS5)
  • Case Study 6 – Cashflow, IRR-Analysis Wind farm (CS6)
  • Case Study 7 – Integrated Model techno-economics Parabolic trough (CS7)
  • Case Study 8 – Integrated Model techno-economics Solar Tower (CS8)
  • Case Study 9 – Cost-Allocation: electric equivalent extraction – condensing CHP (CS9)
  • Case Study 10 – Cost-Allocation: exergy balance – backpressure CHP (CS10)
  • Case Study 11 – Modelling Simulation extraction – condensing Rankine-Cycle no Reheat (CS11)
  • Case Study 12 – Modelling Simulation extraction – condensing Rankine-Cycle Reheat (CS12)
  • Case Study 13 – Modelling Simulation extraction – condensing CCGT-Cycle (CS13)

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